My Story

Once upon a time ! …

Alright, it might be too long to say that..ok., Let’s start again….

Before, I was a cat visitor. I remember…

My first visited Boom’s house was about late January of 2010, I love her backyard. They have a lots of trees, nice grass to lie down and the fountain where I can get some drink if I get thirsty ( That is summer time in Australia ).

I visited their backyard pretty often but I never seen them till one day, the man of the house was home. He saw me in his backyard. He welcome me to visit by giving me nice pat. And in the next day, I came back here again, He gave me a milk. After that you all know, I came to visit them more often till I met Boom.

She didn’t mind me because she like cat but I can tell she never have cat before.  One day, she twisted her foot and then she can’t go to work or anywhere. Nothing she can do excepted stay home and play internet. And that’s the time, she spend a lots of time with me.

I think she start to love me. Because she start to have the cat blog called ” Everyday Cat Visitor ” on June 27, 2010.

This is photo of me when I first visited here. You can see my hair was so short because it was summer time

And you know they used to think I was a girl : ) They tried to give me name…a girl name..Think about it…Girl’s Name ! …Sorry, I am a boy, I don’t do girl name till they call me ” Puddy ” that’s acceptable.

I visit so many houses along my street not just their house. The house A is my house before I move in to live with Boom and her family.

I was rescued by my ex-owner. I was nearly hit by car. They saved my life. and they were very nice to me. When they first found me. I was a free man cat. No microchip, no desexed, no…no…no…of lots of things. They gave me everything as one cat should have. Even the name, they named me ” Micio “

But they already have two cats before me. They are older than me. Both of them have short hair. One is black and white same as me, and another one is a tabby cat. Both of them was from the shelter. 

Because I came last, It was no cat territorial left for me so I have to find my own territorial. Boom’s house has no cats. So I can mark my scent everywhere I want. And they love me a lots. I can be king of the castle here.

My ex-owner knew well about these because they are the cat lover and they knew I am a boy so I’m pretty serious about territory. That’s why they let me go…to be free to spray at Boom’s House : )

They knew I chose Boom’s family because I didn’t go home at night for a month. And they knew I still go back to visit them everyday because I love them too. And I never forgot they are the one saved my life !

Actually, I adopted Boom’s family before they adopted me ! They got no clue. I’m a very smart cat.

Now I’m going to tell you how I adopt human :

First of all, I rubs the side of my face along their legs, it’s affectionately marking them with my scent, identifying them as my private property, saying, in effect,

‘You belong to me’.”

Then I just came to visit them every single day. I was waiting for them when they came home I knocked their back door. Thanks for the glass door. They can see how cute I am. So they let me in every time, I did knock the door.

Next step, I have to train them how to spoil me. Easy, I just got up to their lap. They can’t deny to pat me, rub my tummy. 

When I want food. I have to be patient a little bit. I wait till they get up. Where ever they gonna go, I don’t pay attention with it. I just lead them to the kitchen and say ” Miew ” made it cute voice as possible and then they gave me some food. ( In this stage: Can’t be fussy, Have to keep it simple ! eat whatever they gave me )

Once they get used to have me around. I start to ignore their food. Just smell it then leave. ( Believe me this is really hard for me but for the future, I have to do it ) and you know what’s happen next ? …. they bought me a cat food !

By the time, they know. They already have cat’s food in their kitchen. Ready to feed me.

Next, I want a litter tray in this house. How I made it happen ? I just got into their fire place ( It located in their dinning room ) and then I used it like my toilet. I did till it stink the whole room. Then They get me a litter tray : )

One more step and then I move in…. Sleep over !

I just don’t get out off the door even they open it for me to be free to go home. Just stay inside. Pretend to fall asleep but have to do on the rainy night. And then they allow me to sleep over.

By the time they know, I already move in. That’s my story.

Human story, Boom adopted me as her furry child by change the owner of microchip on September 20, 2010

But the funny thing is in my document they have my date of birth on September 3, 2008. I was rescued on October 3, 2009 by my ex-owner. Before that no one knew it even me.

By the way, Boom is my mom now and I call the man of the house ” Daddy “. I have one sister. She is a beautiful human. Now I am very happy with the new family. I knew this is going to be my forever home. 


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